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May. 28th, 2014


Financial advisor or real estate lawyer recommendation?

Does anyone happen to know a real estate lawyer that you'd be willing to recommend? Peter and I have encountered a situation with our mortgage and I expect we could benefit with either financial and/or legal advice so if anyone still reading has anyone they could recommend, I'd be deeply appreciative.

Thank you!

Mar. 16th, 2011

Thespe mew!

Bored Cat is bored

And for once, I don't mean me. That little baby in the icon? That's Thespe at three weeks old. She still looks like that, just much much bigger and fluffier now. Still with the mouth open though. See, I thought it was amazing that simplykimberly caught her in mid mew. I know better now. Far more amazing to catch her NOT mewing.

Here's the thing. Thespe is entirely too intelligent a cat for anyone's own good. Worse, Clio has decided that all cats that aren't Clio are evil and should be hissed at - including her sister. The entire point to me getting littermates was so that they could keep each other entertained. Unfortunately for poor Thespe, this didn't work out.

Thes isn't a "pick me up and cuddle me" sort of cat, though she will happily wander over and dance on my tummy and purr when it's least convenient for me. She's a sweet heart and huge and a total love. She also appears to get bored easily. Every morning when I get up there is much miaoing and begging for play. We dangle a string for her which is exciting and bounce-worthy for about five minutes and then she's bored again. She gets into mischief nearly constantly (not really trouble - she doesn't do anything BAD, but she does investigate and paw at and snorfle and sometimes attempt to gnaw on almost everything). After we go to bed, there's this terrible yowling that comes from the vicinity of the living room. Usually this coincides with her stuffed pony ending up in my chair (or sometimes halfway down the hall) though when there's people up and around said pony gets ignored.

Honestly, I'm at a loss. I have no idea how to help her not be bored. Laser pointer? Boring. Dangly string? Boring. Kitty tree? Awsesome place for napping, but ultimately boring.

How does one keep a hyper-intelligent cat entertained?

Jan. 9th, 2011


Peter's 40th

This Wednesday marks my beloved husband's 40th birthday. In celebration, we are opening our house Friday evening and all day Satruday. Please come by and celebrate with us!

Relevant details:

Friday Night, 7pm until we're all falling asleep
Saturday, Noon until we're all falling asleep

We'll have soup of some sort (or possibly two sorts) bubbling on the stove, but if you have specific dietary needs please feel free to bring something to nosh. (Note: bringing something is not required!)

Keep in mind that the house is also inhabited by four fuzzies so if you have allergies please make sure you medicate accordingly.

Dec. 13th, 2010


I finally found it

My brain? No.
The Rainbow Connection? No. (well, maybe, but that happened a while ago)
My first grey (well, ok, it is actually shiny silver) hair.


May. 20th, 2010


Four years ago...

I made a pledge to walk beside you for as long as we both wished. I spent 24 hours with my right hand bound to your left. We feasted, we laughed, we reveled.

I'm happier now with you than I was then - every day continues to bring more joy. I don't see a fork in our paths coming any time soon.

I love you, _counterculture. Happy Anniversary, may it be the fourth of many.

Apr. 2nd, 2010


Since she's offline right now, I'll just have to make a post

The situation with Clio - specifically around paying for her surgery - has had me thinking quite a bit.

A year ago, I don't know what we'd have done - we would have in no way been able to afford her surgery. A year ago, we were in a much less stable position financially. Yes, we had to pay few of our bills late and yes, it cleaned everything out from our savings account and yes, we had to take a cash advance on a credit card to keep gas in the cars and food on the table. (And yes, it was WORTH IT. No question. The fact that I can wake up to a kitten where she belongs on my hip in the morning is worth it. Period.)

Thing is, I was just able to catch us all up on our bills and I can start working on rebuilding our savings account again, and for that I'm very thankful.

So I want to say thanks to the person who, a year ago, gave me some exceedingly excellent advice and extended a very generous offer (which we ended up not taking up due to circumstances): amanda_lodden. A year ago, even had we managed somehow to come up with the funds for the surgery, we would have financially been set back a long way. Now, it's scrimping more than usual for a few weeks.

Thanks Amanda. I love you, I appreciate you, for so very many reasons but this one's kinda top of mind at the moment :)

Mar. 31st, 2010


Last (for now) Clio Update

Monday was Kitten Liberation Day - the day her staples were removed and the Cone of Shame was removed once and for all. She is healing very well and outside of a disinclination to leap after dangly strings and a seemingly heightening inclination to purr she's back to her old pre-surgery self.

Thank you for all the well wishes - they helped me stay sane :)
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Mar. 19th, 2010


She's home

And doing as well as can be expected (i.e. she's miserable, has a belly full of staples, and has the Cone of Shame). We have to figure out how to come up with the rest of the cash for the surgery as the cost wiped out our (very little) savings and all of our checking account, but she's home. She'll be ok, and really, beside that, everything else is of small concern.

I should also note that I have seen one of the most heartbreaking sights in my universe:

A fluffy calico cat attempting to self soothe by sucking her own nipple (dubbed "Happy Buglet Fun Time") and being unable to do so because of the Cone of Shame. She assumed the (amazingly un-dignified) position, foot in the air, head doing the "gotta find the nipple" attempted nuzzle and... no joy. She looked SO SAD.

Also, I get to dose my kitten with a controlled substance three times a day for the next several days. I had to sign for it and everything. My cat's prescription has a street value. Crazy.
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Mar. 18th, 2010


Clio update

She's ok, so all the well wishes did good!

In the words of the surgeon: "She had swallowed a hair tie, which would have been fine, except that it had gotten tangled with two feet of dental floss that then made it's way through her intestines."

Two. Feet.

Suffice it to say that we are no strangers to Clio ingesting things she shouldn't: floss, tape, string, beer. She chews wires whenever we leave them unguarded. I'm just boggled.

They got it all out, got her innards all cleaned out and got her put back together again, apparently none the worse for wear. All the horrible things that could have happened didn't and she'll get to come home tomorrow.

Thanks for the well wishes.
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Clio Grump

Please think good thoughts...

For Clio.

She got somewhat copiously sick Sunday night and we found half a hair tie in it. It appears that the other half of the hair tie has not passed and its causing complications in her stomach and intestines. I got her into a vet first thing this morning and he figured it was just a normal blockage, but said I could get optional x-rays. I opted for the x-rays. It was when he was examining them that he realized that there really was a problem and that it was more serious than he'd realized at first. He had me come into the office to discuss options in person and I had Peter meet me there.

Our option was pretty much "Here's a referral to a surgeon. I'll call and see if maybe they can see her today." He called, they created an opening to be able see her. We took her over immediately and they explained exactly what was going on (short version: she has something in her stomach and there's a string or something similar attached to it that is trying to pass through her intestines. It can't, so her intestines are bunching up a bit - think like pulling a string in a sweater.") and gave the standard disclaimer that it's surgery so complications could happen. Given that she's young, healthy, and we caught it fairly early, her chances look pretty good of coming through it all right.

Still, if you've positive thoughts to spare, please send one to Clio. I'd very much like to bring her home (dopey and in pain, but recovering!) tomorrow morning.
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